Songs of the heart

I have had passion for music all of my life, and recently have been able to discover some very inspiring musicians.

Here are two I have been smitten with as of late. Both are unique and very talented!

Joanna Newsom

Her harp playing is remarkable and her voice is absolutely adorable!



Their music is enchanting and magical. I love the song "Scenic World".


Jenn said…
I love Joanna Newsom too!!! I'll have to check out Beirut. Thanks for the intro:) xo
Anonymous said…
I love their sounds so much too!! I have to say, I just love that Joanna Newsom's style... so cute. :)
Anonymous said…
I love these two bands, and GUESS WHAT?! My musical friend Moorea Seal (check out on myspace!) KNOWS her! They grew up to together!

So I'm practically famous... right?? ;)

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