"There is beauty all around"

Happy Sunday everyone. Sundays should always be filled with relaxation and beauty! I have created a collection of inspirational images for you to enjoy. (These are from and old file so I have no clue what sources they're from, sorry.) They inspire me every time I look at them though. I smile, I close my eyes and imagine that I'm twirling around and around, at least the outdoor ones make me feel that way. The interiors make me want to curl up reading a great book, or write a letter, a real one with pretty stationary and an actual stamp. I hope you ENJOY these images!


Anonymous said…
Such BEAUTIFUL photos!! :) They look like they're straight out of a shabby chic magazine! :)

Thanks for sharing!
Jenn said…
gorgeous! I want to live in this collage!! xox...jenn
the drawing is this saturday, YEAH!!! im crossing my fingers and my eyes and saying a prayer that my luck shines forth in that delightful hour :)

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