Saturday, March 29, 2008

Update finaly here.

Seven lovelys are up in the shop!
There just wasn't enough time to get all of them up during nap-time, it took way longer that I had anticipated. But I did persevere an get 7 new items up today! There were two that didn't make it up so maybe round two will be coming someday. Happy browsing! and have a great weekend!


design for mankind. said...

FANTASTIC links--- thank you SO SO much, dear LoraJean! :)

Laura B said...

I just found you through Blaze's blog and I love your dolls! I'll back back soon for another visit :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there! :) Your shop update looks AWESOME!!! I love all that you have put up! :) And the paper mache girlie?! SO cute! How did you do it! It looks amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh! By the way! :) How did you happen to get your little stationary pad made??

D-lyn said...

Love the final for the painting LYDIA

Anonymous said...

Very, veru beautiful!!!!
Hugs from Brasil
Vou te contar...

* I love your pictures...

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