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Here is an old photo of my bedspread, I don't need to tell you that It is very bold and bright and very hard to decorate around. But I love it and feel it so silly and impractical to purchase a new one (despite my husbands pleadings). I know it can become a beautiful accent to a lovely designed bedroom! So I have made it my quest to create a MASTER bedroom that tones down the brightness of the bedspread, and as a whole creates a great room without becoming overwhelming.

I'm now asking for your help!
What are some things you would do to create a lovely room that includes this bedspread? (And maybe tones it down a bit.)

Here is what I have been looking at for inspiration.

Below are some rooms that wonderfully demonstrate a great way to use bold colors and patterns in a room and not over whelm the room obnoxiously.

I love this room, above. All of it is great to me, the wallpaper color is so pretty and it tones down the brightness of the bed.

Above is another great room and if you look the bed spread is really colorful but it is not taking all the attention.

The above pink walls are a bit too bright but I really love the pillows and the headboard.

A pretty chandelier is a must! I have yet to thrift and flip one to my liking, I have a silly flaw that causes me to never pay more than 15 bucks on something I can re-create with a thrift'ed or re-purposed item, and a fresh coat of paint. (Not always is this a flaw, it saves me money and allows me to be creative and unique, but there are no good chandeliers at my local thrift stores as of late.)

Some way cute pillows, above. A bed can never have too many fluffy pillows.

A yellow ocher color is what we are wanting, below is a great example of a neutral yellow that I really like.
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fioretta said…
I love all of your ideas so far (especially a chandelier like the ones you've posted)! I think a pale, pale green might also look nice on the walls, and help incorporate the color without being too overwhelming. Maybe like a light honeydew? :)
Unknown said…
I like the yellow ochre idea. I also think a very pale version of either the spring green or tropical blue would work well. I'd probably keep it just a solid color -- maybe a bit of texturing, but I think the stripes would amp up the bedspread instead of toning it down. You could use the zig-zaggy shape as an accent along the ceiling or as a painted chair rail or something, though?
D-lyn said…
I think an accent art piece that is very large with softer versions of those colors with a few bold bits.
A painting is nice for you with all your artsy skills and you can pull in any style. You know: floral, landscape-seascape or abstract or achitectural, or whimsy just by what you pick for the art piece. Put that on a cheery soft wall color(a soft yellow or pink or green) and there you go!
Plus soft flowing sheer curtains that are a bright color feel less intense because they are sheer but can tie in the tones and the look.
Anonymous said…
Hi there! I love your inspirations! It looks like you're doing lots of research, which is great! :) I love the second picture for some reason. So colorful and elegant.

How have you been doing?!
mer said…
i think if you folded your quilt as in Rosie's pic at the foot of your bed it would be a really nice accent instead of being so overwhelming. I also like the idea of a painting pulling in the colors elsewhere.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for all of your comments yesterday! You are so sweet to come by and "catch up!" You're lovely!

I just realized that the last photo on this post was a kitchen that I LOVED and bookmarked in one of Mary englebright's magazine! Great retro feeling!
noodle and lou said…
How fun! Paint always does wonders! Love the yellow-ey color...and a chandelier and fabric covered headboard would be fabulous!!! Have a great weekend:)
moi said…
That is a beautiful, unique bedspread. Treasure it, highlight it. What do you love about it? If it's the color, the pattern, the texture, or the person who made it, you should come up with lots of inspiration once you think about it that way.

Since you are artists, you might want a break from color throughout the room. With the exception of the bedspread, a white canvas, simple and blank is inspirational and soothing. Sorry to err on the boring side, but you can leave your room white and simplistic-and do all white walls and pillows with eyelet lace and flowing white curtains. Imagine it with a distressed white bead board wainscot. It's a juxtaposition between white and color, crystal chandelier and distressed elements. Then your bedspread is the highlight-the accent piece.

I don't think you're all for simplicity, you like a challenge. I have yellow walls (to combat our long dark winters) and I think it would make the space appear larger and warmer.

No matter what you choose to do, you can't go wrong. If you want to see a website with rooms full of color, check this one out.

Good luck and have fun.
Amber / fluzzy said…
I don't know if you know what LiveJournal is. It's a site where people can post their blog. But it also has groups called Communities. Anyone can create a community. So there are tons of communities about all sorts of things. I am a member of like 200 communities on there that I subscribe to their posts. They have a couple of communities where people just post photos of things they have done with decorating their rooms and houses. Usually you have to have a (free) account to see the posts and be a member (free) (which means you're subscribed to their posts.) I think you might enjoy it. is the site. If you want help navigating it let me know and I can help you.
Anonymous said…
Hey! :) I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your new profile picture! So cute!!
bowerbird said…
I love the bedspread! I'd probably go a striped wallpaper similar to your first inspired photo and then put up some black & white framed art for contrast...and a chandelier of course!!!

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