I swear I was subscribed to all of my sisters blogs but somehow I missed the last four posts of Annie Caries! One of which is showcasing the adorable monster dolls she designed and made for all the boy cousins for Christmas. The yellow one is the one that my little boy got, and he LOVES it. He hugs it more than any other toy. It reminded me of the boy in "Where The Wild Things Are" and I found out that that's what she used as inspiration for it. I actually never got to see the other monsters because Our family wasn't there last Christmas so I was so excited to finally see the other critters she had made. Check out her blog for more of the cute crafts shes been up to.


Jenn said…
They are SO cute! Love the little bat guy:)

Happy weekend Lorajean:)
Annie Carie said…
Thank you my sweetie sis!! I really liked making them it was fun.
Anonymous said…
Eeeeeee!!! SO cute! Your sis is quite talented! Like you!

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