The reveal

Ta da! One of these little pretties is still up in the Little Lola's shoppe right now so take a peek.
P.S. what do you think of the outdoor photos? I was trying something new. Are they as as good, or not as good, as the white backgrounds of the other girls? I already listed these photos so it's a tad too late to ask opinions but, for next time, I thought I'd see what you all thought. have a great day!


fioretta said…
You have such beautiful work! Fwiw, I love the photos with backgrounds (especially outside) more than the ones on white... it's nice to see them in an environment, I guess. :)
Amy Short said…
I just saw that "hearted" me on Etsy. Thanks for that!...I just started my shop about a week ago. I love your sculpts! So delicate and gentle. I "hearted" you right back. If you don't mind I'm added you to my blog as well and will come back and visit often. :o) Amy
Jenn said…
lorajean...the photos outside are wonderful! but what I'm really blown away by are these dolls!!! You are sooooo amazing with these sculptures! Keep up the awesome work:) xoxo...jenn
Nancy said…
Hi, I love your blog and I truly adore your are extremely talented! :-)

And since I've bought 2 of your sculptures (Gift of Love, and Blue Heart), I can say that I definitely prefer the outdoor shots. They really set off your beautiful pieces and and make them look a bit more "real" if you know what I mean!

Can't wait to see my newest purchase, she's gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
I just love your gorgeous figures! And the photography outdoors = top notch! Super pretty and a great backdrop!

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