The reveal

Ta da! One of these little pretties is still up in the Little Lola's shoppe right now so take a peek.
P.S. what do you think of the outdoor photos? I was trying something new. Are they as as good, or not as good, as the white backgrounds of the other girls? I already listed these photos so it's a tad too late to ask opinions but, for next time, I thought I'd see what you all thought. have a great day!


fioretta said…
You have such beautiful work! Fwiw, I love the photos with backgrounds (especially outside) more than the ones on white... it's nice to see them in an environment, I guess. :)
Amy Short said…
I just saw that "hearted" me on Etsy. Thanks for that!...I just started my shop about a week ago. I love your sculpts! So delicate and gentle. I "hearted" you right back. If you don't mind I'm added you to my blog as well and will come back and visit often. :o) Amy
noodle and lou said…
lorajean...the photos outside are wonderful! but what I'm really blown away by are these dolls!!! You are sooooo amazing with these sculptures! Keep up the awesome work:) xoxo...jenn
Anonymous said…
Hi, I love your blog and I truly adore your are extremely talented! :-)

And since I've bought 2 of your sculptures (Gift of Love, and Blue Heart), I can say that I definitely prefer the outdoor shots. They really set off your beautiful pieces and and make them look a bit more "real" if you know what I mean!

Can't wait to see my newest purchase, she's gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
I just love your gorgeous figures! And the photography outdoors = top notch! Super pretty and a great backdrop!

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