A long hot bath and a good book can cure anything. Nap time & a movie for the non napper are very helpful too. So, on a lighter note than the last post I thought I'd share a snippet of what is to come. Two pretty girls that need a final coat of sealer and a final photo shoot before they can have a full Little Lola's shoppe debut. I just hope the sun shows its bright warm face tomorrow, at least for a half an hour, so I can get good lighting for the photos. It has been snowing, hailing, raining, and "snowraining" he he, all day today! Silly spring!


these look so cute so far! how can i search for your etsy shop? i'd love to check out some of your stuff!
Amber / fluzzy said…
You're so talented! I've been wondering for a while now, what kind of camera do you have? You always take such amazing photos.

Thank you for the comment about my layout. I just tweaked one of the default layouts a little to my liking :D
Amber / fluzzy said…
Oh I forgot to ask. I'm new to is there a way to make it so I can subscribe to a blog so that I'll get E-mails alerting me when there is a new blog from that person?
Lorajean said…
Thanks Moorea my etsy shop name is Little Lola's and my url is
Lorajean said…
Thanks Amber my camera is a Nikon D-80 and I love it! I subscribe using Google reader and I love it! Cheers!
ThePeachTree said…
Incredible images you have here! I too am a patient of the book and a bath :)

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