Commission dolly

I just finished this dolly as a commission for a friend of mine. She asked me to use yellow and blue as the main colors and I think the it turned out quite nice! In fact I love how the face turned out. I had embroidered some doll faces a while ago and somehow decided that button eyes were the only way to go. But now I'm feeling the winds of change and I'm sure to be embroidering faces a lot more. I will probably end up doing both.

What are your thoughts on the matter? I love feedback! Please share, do you like one better than the other?

Button eyes & felt mouth, or, fully embroidered face?

Check out my dolly flicker set to compare faces.

Well I'm off to the art studio/craft room to take advantage of the nappy happenings around here. I will be working hard and playing much! Happy Tuesday!


Laura B said…
This little dolly is soo cute, what's her name? I think the sewn features give you a chance to be more expressive and give detail, but on the other hand the buttons are such fun, so I can't decide :)
Nancy said…
While I actually do like both the button and embroidered eyes very much, I think if I HAD to choose, I prefer the embroidered just a wee bit more! :-)
D-lyn said…
since I already have 2 button eye dollies I think I would want another button eyed doll to match for my third daughter someday....
But if you have special requests you always fill them so do what you like since they both are cute!
There are cute qualities to both!

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