Goals, and a nearing 150th!

Lately I have been looking at this!
a slight likeness to my teenage self
(click image to see source site)
and these
(click images to see source site)

And I have come to a decision!

  1. I need to get one of these swim suits.

2. I need to get my reflection looking at least a little more like my teenage likeness!

How shall I do this you say?
Well, I have made a few goals for my weak little self and I plan to really follow them! :)
Here they are:
  • If boredom hits get crafting or go for a walk. (I tend to munch when I'm bored.)
  • Save the ice cream for holidays and special occasions. (And you know, they will end up feeling more special that way.)
  • DRINK a ton of water! (It always helps everything)
  • Go for a nice walk every day! (Bonus the kids love that too!)
  • If I need to munch do it on the veggies and rice cakes! (I really do like to eat these anyway.)
  • Chew sugar free gum after every meal. (My downfall is that I have to end every meal with a sweet taste in my mouth so I tend to go for the sweets...Not any more! he he. )
These are small goals but they will get me on the right track!
What are some of your goals for this spring/summer?
Are you planning on getting into that gorgeous swimsuit or pushing yourself to walk one more block? Please feel free to offer tips and share your own goals!
I am also super excited today, guess why! Ok ok I'll tell you! A week from today will be my 150th post on this blog!! I'll have to get some secret surprises put together to celebrate! Hooray! Thanks a bunch and have a great Monday!!


Anonymous said…
Hello friend!! I say! We are too alike! I have been wanting to get that red swimsuit for about a month!! And I have been looking for retro swim wear for about a year!! Goodness! :)

And great goals! I'm going to go for a run tomorrow morning, and am delighted to be getting into that again! (the rainy season is so dreadfully hard to get motivated!)

And I am very excited to say that I will be sending you some fun in the mail soon! Thanks for your purchase! ;)
D-lyn said…
Okay, that bride looks just like you in a picture I took camping when you were about 13. Granted you were in swimwear and shorts and your hair is down not in a bun.... but you could be her fair faced twin!!! The pose and shoulder thing is even the same!
You are lucky you have sidewalks taking you from your house to somewhere fun...parks,zoo, pool....
Sigh I have dirt and maybe grass to invite or beckon me to walk so I never will....
Laura B said…
I got a pup and am walking 3 times a day and making lots of batches of soup to have in the fridge when I want to snack on crisps! Here's to sheeding our winter skins! My other goals for this new time are keeping up with my blog, I have only been away for a few days and have missed sooo much of your goings on, I'm off now to read your posts :) Have a great day x
Krissysart said…
Hello! Glad to have found you on Noodle and Lou. LOVE the little dolls. So lovely and sweet. I'll be checking back often!
Jenn said…
Well, I'll tell you what my new goal is...to fit into that DARLING polka dot bathing suit!!!! I must have that!!! I LOOOOOVE IT:):)

All your newest update treats were fabulous lorajean! How cute are your robots!!??

Happy day to you...xox...jenn
Anonymous said…
I hear you on wanting to achieve a look that feels more like who you are. It's really hard to take care of yourself like you use to after having kids. You have a lot of support from me ..I'm cheering you on!

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