In my garden

Good morning!

Here are some photos of the pretties that are showing up in my yard as of late.

We have a pretty pink flowering crab apple in the front; I love it when it blooms. :)

Here is an angled view of our window box with brand newly planted annuals! This is something I look forward to every spring!

This is one of many many blossoms in our strawberry patch. Look! Can you see a few tiny green strawberries growing? Yippee! We have the ever bearing variety and I love eating fresh strawberries all summer!

Our myrtle ground cover is coming in so lush this year!

I love smelling the grape-y flavor these irises emit. From what I've heard from the previous owners they used to be all colors and varieties, but cross pollinated and eventually turned white.

Here are some of my favorites in the yard! Hosta! I can't wait till these beauties grow up and produce the big leaves and tall stalks of dainty blossoms.

I am unsure what variety this tree is because the city planted it in our parking strip by the road, but it blooms the prettiest little white clusters and smells lovely!

Even the weeds in my yard are beautiful! :) These weren't really in my yard; they were in the neighboring lot.

What loveliness is peeking out in your yard this spring?
Happy Wednesday!


D-lyn said…
Wow I really love what your pictures look like.
Maybe I can get a good picture of my flowering tree.
It looks lonely in this vast brown plain wilderness.
mer said…
LJ, what kind if camera do you have?
Anonymous said…
Pretty!!! Oh my goodness Lorajean!! Your blog is looking more and more gorgeous as the days go on! :) I love the colors in all of these photos!
Laura B said…
Your pictures are wonderful and my favourite has to be the dandiloin puffs! My garden is in bloom with all my herbs at the moment, chives, with purple flowers, sage with little white sprigs and thyme with tiny blue/purple buds. My favourite plans are the ones I can eat!
Lorajean said…
Hey Mer my camera is a Nikon D 80 and I adore all the neat tricks is does! I it so much more awesome that the last camera we had! This one cost us about 1500$ But it really is that much better than the last one. (I used to think the last one we had was pretty neat.) :)
Anonymous said…
Isnt Spring the best? I love crab apple tree blooms and I'm jealous you have strawberries!!Beautiful images:)

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