Lorajean's Big Give-away

Lorajean's Big Give-away!
So here is the deal, to celebrate my 150th post today I am going to have a huge give away!
The winner gets...

A whole set of 4 lovely illustrations! Thats right only one of you gets all four 8.5 x 11 prints.(Printed on high quality Epson heavy weight matte paper.)

EDIT: My stupid printer just broke, and I am not sure I'll be able to print anything by the 10th, so,
I am changing the prise to:

A set of Five 8.5 x 11 in. illustrations matted in white 9x12 mats.
(The printed images measure about 5x7in. )

I chose these illustrations in this size because they are already printed, matted and ready to go!
Please forgive me for having to change it!
I feel so silly to have to do this in the first place so that is why I am offering 5 matted prints instead of 4.

Or if you wish you can receive a 45$ gift certificate toward another item(or two) in my shoppe!

I thought I would shake things up a bit so Here are some rules!

  1. If you post a comment on this post, to share a thought or just say hi, you are automatically entered in the drawing! (Be sure I have a means to contact you when you win)
  2. If you blog about this give-away on your blog, type the url to your blog post in your comment, and I'll put your name in the drawing twice!
  3. If you've followed a link here through someone else's post about this giveaway, type the url of who's blog you came here through, and your name's in twice!
  4. If any one enters the contest through your blog post your name's in three times!
Be sure and comment on this post before 12:00 noon on Tuesday June 10th!
I'll draw the names at 1:00 pm Tuesday June 10th and post the winner!

GOOD luck and happy commenting!


Annie Carie said…
I Love Lorajean!! She is so cool, congrats on the 150th post!! Yippy Skippy!
Karin said…
Love to be entered in the drawing for your cute prints! Thanks!
ababe28 said…
Enter me!
D-lyn said…
How exciting a drawing!!!!
I posted on my blog Yesterday about your fun drawing.
You have such pretty illustrations!
Do you have this info or link to htis on your Etsy shop?
Good luck to me I hope I win!
Toystory said…
Wow... I see someone here who sent me a link because they think your prints are great, and then low and behold my sister is also entered for these... Amazing...thanks!@!@
Ilissa said…
Thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway. I'd love to have my name entered. Congrats on your 150th post!!
Kristi Price said…
Very pretty and thank you for your giveaway! I alway's wished I had your talent for drawing but nope, it's not gonna happen..lol. So, I will just enjoy others. Take care!
noodle and lou said…
congrats lorajean!! i would love these sweet prints to come live with me:):):) xoxoxo...jenn
Kari said…
I'd love to win your adorable prints! Thanks and congrats on the 150 posts!!
Anonymous said…
Ooooh!!! How exciting! Congratulations on 150 posts! I'd love to be entered in the drawing... and will be posting about it on my Friday links roundup today. ;)

Hope you're having a lovely Friday!!
Amy said…
congratulations on 150 posts! i found your blog through casey's musings - http://blog.caseybrowndesigns.com/2008/05/contemplation/. i posted about the giveaway on my blog, here -
deborah said…
such cute drawings! i found your blog through http://www.buraellen.blogspot.com.
Anonymous said…
Ooh! I would love to be entered into this drawing!!! How exciting! Happy 150th! Here's to many more wonderful posts!
calicodaisy said…
Love your art and photos. I came here through http://www.buraellen.blogspot.com/.
-- Michele
calicodaisy (at) gmail (dot) com.
Anonymous said…
I'd like the $45 gift certificate if I win, please! (The Tea Time print is cute.) :)

I saw your givaway advertised here:

My e-mail:
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your 150th post! I linked to you from Casey's Musings at http://blog.caseybrowndesigns.com/2008/05/contemplation/#comment-1949

You can find me at ms.cleaver(at)gmail (dot)com
PurpleCookie said…
Congrats on the 150th post!!!
I love your new hair cute...AND I love the dandelion picture on your blog!!
PurpleCookie said…
congrats on the 150th post!
Christine said…
Ooohh! Great prints~sign me up! Next post I do I'll make mention of your giveaway:) Congrats on 150..thats quite lot:)
Anonymous said…
Aww, cute! What a cute blog! I got here by following the link from casey's musings - http://blog.caseybrowndesigns.com

Thanks for the entry!
sewtakeahike said…
Wow!! This is my first time to your blog, popped over from Amy's buraellen. Congratulations on your 150th post! Please please enter me in your giveaway!
Christine said…
Add my name twice..I added a link to your post on my latest :) Have a wonderful Sunday!
Unknown said…
I love your work!!!
Ashley said…
I love your prints, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I win! I found out about your giveaway from Casey's Musings:


Congrats on your 150th post - I made my first posting today (many more to go to reach your level!)

Thanks! Ashley
Sherry said…
I love your illustrations! And I just came upon your blog through http://blog.caseybrowndesigns.com/
Sounds like fun, I'd love to win too!

BTW, I learned about the contest through a post on WeLoveEtsy :)
Anonymous said…
I love these prints! Congratulations. It's been so long since I've blogged I'm not sure I'd know what to say anymore. I came here through Casey: http://blog.caseybrowndesigns.com
Anonymous said…
hi congrats on your 150th post
Lorajean said…
Please give a name or email if you comment anonymously so I can contact you when you win :) Thanks
Bunny B said…
Lorajean, congrats on your 150th post!!! Sweet stuff! Please enter me :) Thank you so much for the chance!

bunnybox9 at gmail . com
Prudence said…
I just found your blog (and give away) through http://www.dubuhdudesigns.typepad.com/ and I love it! Your dolls are great, too - I'm a doll maker myself - I will definitely be making your journal a regular stop now. Congratulations on your 150th post! xo
Bunny B said…
I've blogged about you HERE! Thanks so much :)

bunnybox9 at gmail . com
Anonymous said…
Aww, how cute!

I found this post through http://blog.caseybrowndesigns.com/

moi said…
Awesome! Keep up the amazing work! Those prints are adorable, especially the cat one! Visit http://studlysteadmans.blogspot.com/ I totally want 2 entries!
Anonymous said…
hooray for lorajean!
your work is so lovely..the prints and your papier mache work too!

i was guided here through sweet 'dubuhdudesigns' www.dubuhdudesigns.typepad.com

Anonymous said…
I just wanted to say hi! :) How are ya?!
Just found you through flickr today! Beautiful work!! I love the music on your blog too. I will be posting a link on my blog about this as well. Thanks!!
robynl said…
a big congrats on the 150th post and all the ones leading up to it.
I'd love to enter for the fab prize and thanks.

kristi said…
congratulations--what beautiful artwork! i found this through bura ellen (http://buraellen.blogspot.com). i would love to be entered in your giveaway!
Anonymous said…
congrats on the 150th post!
Anonymous said…
my link on my last comment didn't work..
so i'll try again
(just in case i win!! hehe..)

'dubuhdudesigns' sent me here!
and i'm so glad she did!
i love your work!
HapPy 150th to you!!!
Anonymous said…
congratulations on your 150th post!
Susan said…
Hey Lorajean! I hope it isn't too late to enter. I found out from Valerie's blog. My email is adamsusanb@yahoo.com

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