Saturday markets

am so excited for this weekend! It is the first gardeners market of the year and I am planning on participating! I had been pretending to plan all last year but I'm serious this time! I am really excited and I am working hard to get new and fun things together for my little local debut. Here is what I hope to have ready:
  • prints
  • stationary sets
  • fabric dolls
  • mini papier mache sculptures
I hope I actually get all of this done. The hard part with a vendor booth is you have to print all the prints before they sell. With Etsy you have the luxury of never wasting ink and paper on a print no one will buy. But I'm willing to take the risk and hope Cache Valley residents are impressed enough to pull out their pocket books.

ere are a few prints I have been working on. I have had these little robots in my mind for months now. I am so happy with how they turned out! They will be available in print form and on some pretty awesome stationary as well. And any They Might Be Giants fans out there might appreciate that they were inspired by the song "Robot Parade" (A great song, you can find it if you your in the mood to browse around here.) This also explains their cute flag waving action too. Well, I'm off to
take a trip to the park and play My Little Ponies and pirates, and perhaps work on more printing, sewing and sculpting, it all depends. With kids every day is different, motherhood, that is the way of it. Nor would I ever really change it. :) Happy Wednesday!!


{B}dreamy said…
Oh my goodness, these little guys are my absolute favorites! I must have them. *B
Annie Carie said…
HA HA HA! I totaly guessed that they were inspired by robot parade, form my first look at them before I read what you wrote!
Laura said…
Just found you through Blaze Danniel's blog and wanted to say your little papier mache girl is beautiful! Good luck with the show, I'm sure you'll sell loads of those cute little robot cards :)
noodle and lou said…
LOVE the robots!! My boys would love them too!! So fun to see your papier mache girl in her unfinished state too...amazing!! Have fun at the show!! xox
Anonymous said…
Hi Lorajean! TONS of good luck and best wishes this weekend at the gardener's market! You won't need the luck part though, your work is so wonderful I'll bet every single thing is gone before noon! :-)

I LOVE your robot prints! I love the colors and that they're cute without being "cutesy". So have a great and FUN weekend!

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