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ello and good morning! What a fine day it is indeed! I am happy to report much productiveness going on over here. I have been a busy little bee. printing and printing away and also taking a trip to Michaels and buying supplies for more crafty creations and papier mache sculptures. The mistery papier mache girl is in the beginning stage of the painting process and she is turning out so pretty. She is a bit too shy to share another photo of of her half painted self so instead here is a tidbit of what has been coming out of my printer!

I am so pleased with how nicely they are coming along. I personally love stationary! In fact I sort of collect it. More like horde it, you see I love it, so I buy it, and then I have a hard time parting with it and sending it off to other people. Maybe I should buy stationary for all of my sisters next Christmas. Then when they write me a letter I can stash the pretty papers, envelopes, and all the memories written upon it, in a box to keep forever. :) *Sigh* I am getting excited just thinking about it! he he.

Now then, I thought I would share a bit of the fun I have been having, you know share a few links to pretty things that have me inspired and nifty sites I've happened upon while browsing around blogs and whatnot this week.

a lovely morning illustration

little girls Heather Bailey rooster dress

adorable (and free) blog backgrounds

beautiful hand crocheted lace gloves and cuffs

a pretty whisper painting


And lastly I want to wish you all the best of everything! Happy Thursday :) CHEERS!


Laura B said…
These look fab! They will definately find new loving homes. Are you going to add some to your shop at some stage? I love writing letters and I do mine in cards, heers to paper and ink :)
Anonymous said…
I love stationary too~well,paper in general.I think your sister would be quite happy receiving your own stationary as it is very cool, cute and professional looking :)
Anonymous said…
Those look beautiful! I love stationary too! :) I just posted my very first ones in my shop this morning! :) I can't wait to see your papier mache girlie!
Good luck with your stationary! I really like it alot.

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