What's your opinion?

irst of all, I have to say that I love the make up the top three girls are wearing! And second, I love the simple one bobby pin look. But I am torn because I have been planning ("for like ever", he he) to get my bangs cut. What is your opinion? Because, apparently "bangs are the new botox."

Are bangs a must?
Or is the bobby pin look for you?

And, any advice you have on what I should do with my hair would be nice too. P.S. here is a recent photo of what my hair is doing these days. (That profile photo is three years old! I know thats cheating, he he! And please disregard the weird expression on my face and the no make up look.) The last time I had my hair cut was more than 20 months ago. This "do" is just a grown out a-line bob, AACK it time for something new! Or is it? Have a great Thursday/May Day! :)


Anonymous said…
*sigh* I always envy women who can wear bangs! personally, I'm just stickin' with the bobby-pin look. my forehead is too short to do proper bangs, though I got the front layers cut just above my chin back in March. ;) I think if you want them though: go for it!! worst happens is you grow them out. lol.
D-lyn said…
I have to do both...
Some days I like my bangs and others I have to pin them aside.
If you have a longer sweep bang pinning them over is a breeze!
Anonymous said…
I totally do the bobby pin! Heehee! Get some lovely bangs! Do! They are so much fun!

I like mine because they are long enough to be swept to one side if I'm feeling "non-bangish!" haha!
Amy Short said…
I tend to like bangs unless they get caught in your eyelashes. :o)
Anonymous said…
Your hair looks so soft and lovely in that photo, I'd almost hate to cut the bangs! As much as I love the bangs, I think you should pin them. although, if you do do the bangs, they are pin-able after only a month's growth, so you have have your cake and eat it too!

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