whoever will she be?

Snippets are so fun to share! Here is my latest papier mache girl still in "skeleton" form. What a lovely mushroom she is sitting upon! I'll be posting her in her finished state in time. But for now, I must enjoy this pretty weather. Yesterday was yet another snowy day, those seem to be happening every week as of late.

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Amy Short said…
You can see how cute she is going to be because she is already so cute! Love it!
D-lyn said…
Wow Lorajean she is going to be darling. Do you ever make fairies?
Anonymous said…
Wow! Thank you SO much for sharing these photos! I often look at my 2 sculptures that I bought from you and wonder what the process was like to make each one (especially the dress on the Blue Heart girl...amazing!).

Anyway, I had popped on here to see if Daisy Chain girl was still available as I am thisclose to snapping her up as well...what can I say, I absolutely LOVE your work! But now I think I'll wait to see what this piece looks like once it's completed.

So! If anyone has been looking at Daisy Chain girl, ya might wanna grab her before I do! ;-)

Sorry for the long post, but I do indeed love your sculptures...I'm so glad I found you through my friend Vanessa (A Fanciful Twist)!
Christine said…
I've started using armature wire lately and will probably move to a full armature skeleton so that I can add a little variety to my dolls. Your images remind me of sculpture class.:) I'm sure she'll look great!

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