Thursday, June 12, 2008

In my sketch book

I was playing around with pencil and watercolor in my sketch book today, just thought id share.


Nancy said...

Wow! I like this a LOT! Did you do this in watercolor? Please forgive my ignorance, I am soooo artistically challenged, but hey, I know what I like!

Will this be a print in your shop soon? Or maybe, oh, I don't know...a sculpture?? NO pressure....I'm just sayin'! ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a sweetheart!! I bet she wants to be a big print when she grows up! Thanks for sharing! Sketchbooks are where great ideas are born!!

casey said...

oh! how lovely and sweet!!! :) I'm so inspired by your artwork... keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Very nice..she's already for summer! I love looking at people's sketch books..makes me want to start one!

Lorajean said...

She is too wrinkly to become a print, but she is the beginning's of lovely inspiration! ooh I really do need to get working on another sculpture. :)

Nancy said...

Yes, I do believe a new sculpture would be quite lovely!

Oh, and apparently I am also reading challenged as you state right under your beautiful drawing that it is indeed watercolor....doh!! ;-)

Jenn said...

just lovely lorajean!! and I especially adore your self portrait over there on the right!!! How special!!!

Happy weekend to you:)

Meg said...

You make me wish I could do that.

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