Winner of the big give away!

Hooray Michele! you've won! Please contact me privately to give me your mailing address.
CalicoDaisy said...

Love your art and photos. I came here through
-- Michele

She contacted me and decided to use the 45$ gift certificate option.
And what a lovely choice indeed! Waiting Sarah, an original acrylic painting. One of my favorites.
And a BIG huge thanks to everyone else who entered the big give away!! Thank you all for your lovely comments! I am flattered by how many of you joined the fun! Also a thanks to those of you who's links navigated so many new people over here to my little blog. This turned out to be such fun! :) Please stay tuned for I'm sure to eventually have another give away.


CalicoDaisy said…
Thanks, Lorajean! I'm so excited to have been chosen to receive your giveaway! It was great to e-mail you back and forth, and I look forward to my new little masterpiece. -- Michele
Anonymous said…
Congrats Michelle!~ A great giveaway..thanks Lora Jean!
D-lyn said…
What a great painting LJ!!!
She really picked a great one!
Anonymous said…
Congrats to Calico Daisy!!!

(Hi Lorajean!! :)
CalicoDaisy said…
It's Michele again. I love the painting and can't wait to have it framed. My daughter said Sarah looks like me (in my younger days, of course!). I'm starting to draft my post now! -- Michele

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