Busy me

Here are five reasons you won't see many posts in the coming weeks.
  1. Breaking dawn is out in stores tomorrow
  2. My birthday
  3. Family coming into town
  4. My son's birthday
  5. My daughter's birthday
It's a big month for birthdays at my house. Happy August! :)


Anonymous said…
It's a busy month at my house too~Happy Birthday to you LoraJean:) psst..Mine's the 6th:)
Lorajean said…
Mine is the 5th how neat! Happy Birthday to you too!
Tola said…
happy birthday! did you go to the midnight release party? i took Mauri, she was excited.
Studly Studmans said…
BTW-happy birthday...That is just one of the things I can't manage to get out in a busy hallway with you. I know you're busy with family and reading...but I've missed your blog terribly!
Amber / fluzzy said…
THAT BOOK WAS AWESOME. I can't wait for the movie next month. I'm so psyched!

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