Halloween inspiration

While browsing the archives on the Country Living website I found some great Halloween decorating ideas, crafts and recipes. I am loving the bright orange accent to a black and while background. That three layered cake is great isn't it?



I stumbled across your blog and I am SO in love with it! I'm not a big decorator, but I'm pretty crafty and really love junk-storing. Your work is so much fun and inspiring, and I love the links you post. I also appreciate your motto about posting when inspiration strikes:)

So thanks for being out here, and I'm linking to ya.

Take care!
Heather said…
beautiful! I love white pumpkins :D
Anonymous said…
These are all so elegant! I wish one of these days I could find the time to do a holiday in such style...
fioretta said…
I meant to reply to this forever ago - love all the ideas :)

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