Peppermint passion

I am quite obsessed with decorating with candy canes this year. I hope to create one, or more, of these great pepperminty ideas this year. I really love a pale snowy blue added as an accent to the bold red and white. In the central image you can see the silvery blue wall color creating a lovely backdrop, and I LOVE IT! I even find this color scheme creeping into the crafts I have been making lately. I found the photos on the Better Homes and Gardens' website. (click image for larger view)


D-lyn said…
My baby room is a soft blue and my quilts are soft blue with a red accent on the corners of each block. In fact the block is called a snowball patch. It would go well with this color scheme you have here!
Danielle Combs said…
I love the candy cane theme. I really like the middle photo and the bottom left photo of the wreath.

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