How to make a pom pom garland

Today I an idea for making her a pom pom garland. I thought about making one by threading the pom poms with a needle but I foresaw the pom poms sliding around on the string, and I wanted them to stay put. Then I realized that by crocheting them onto a chain stitch I eliminated that problem. Here is a little tutorial for all of you since its so darn easy!

All the tools you need for this project are:
crochet thread
1.25mm crochet hook
pom poms
  1. To start, you just chain a few stitches .
  2. To add a pom pom, you poke the hook right through the middle of the pom pom then grab the thread and pull it right through the pom pom and start chain stitching again. (It's basically the same principle for adding beads to your crochet projects.)
  3. To space them apart be sure and do a lot of chain stitches between the pom poms. (I didn't count the stitches I just added a pom pom when I felt it needed another one.)
  4. Just keep repeating chain stitching and adding pom poms for as long as you want depending how long you want your garland to be.
I love how it turned out! In fact I love it so much I made two!
One with a specific "Christmasy" color scheme and the other with random colors.
Hope you have as much fun making these as I did!


Annie Carie said…
wow that is really cute, great idea!

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