Vanila "Cocoa" with peppermint

Here is a great holiday drink I sort of made up the other morning. It is very yummy! Stephen's Gourmet Hot Cocoa has a lot of flavors and one great one is French Vanilla. I thought I would prefer actual chocolate over this but when peppermint is added it is really delicious. I'm not a big fan of peppermint flavor it's always been a bit too strong for me. But when it's mixed with the creamy French Vanilla it transforms! In fact I am officially addicted!!
All you need is hot water and two mini peppermint candy canes. And of course French vanilla hot "cocoa". I added lots and lots of spoonfuls of this because it has sort of a mild flavor. This makes it very creamy! Oh and don't forget marshmallows!
When you stir the candy canes in, your yummy creamy colored drink turns PINK! :)

Marshmallows add the final touch! And a great extra creamy flavor.

I think I'd better go and make myself another cup! Yum yum yum! Hope you try it out it really is lovely! And aren't those pearly white candy canes just the prettiest?! They lost their stripes when I stirred them into the drink. Have a happy vanilla peppermint day, and a Merry Christmas!


That looks sooo good! Your pics are beautiful also!

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