Birthday package for my best friend

Liberty here is the party I would throw you if I were there in CO with you!! (click image for source)
I miss you and love you a ton! I couldn't ask for a better best friend! "Hppy brtdy"! He he a little high school humor for you "Bill", from your friend "Jell".

Here is the fun you DO have coming to you in the mail soon. Sorry I couldn't get to the post office soon enough for it to arrive today.
A super fun package celebrating my bestest girl friend. Yippee!
I had a great time picking your initials in a cool font. Hand painted by me.

A print that not only looks cute but the when I saw it I immediately thought of you.
(print by poppy talk)
Ooh Country Time lemon drops! Way yummy! I made sure to try them out for you just to be sure! :) Have a great Birthday!


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