I HEART my living room

Just stopping by sharing my Valentines Day decorations I put up in the living room. I just love after christmas sales. I got that 6 1/2 ft white tree for 17$ at Wal-mart. :) The glittered 3d heart ornaments were 1/2 off at the 1$ store. How cool is that!! Notice the re-purposed paper chains, from here? All the rest are hand made. The heart cookies were made from salt dough. I'll have to give a tutorial on those sometime! They're great! Don't you love the pink red and white candy corns in the jar on the mantle? :) Hope you have a great weekend! We are spending our weekend fixing up a bunch of unfinished home improvement projects. Yippee!


Danielle Combs said…
I got the same tree for 8 dollars at WalMart! However, I won't be using it until next year...I still have to put away the rest of our big tree, and also put away the decorations from the dining room tree and that tree, too. LOL. And the Snoopy tree in the "Man Cave"...and all of the Christmas bins...I should get busy. I really love your Valentine's decorations.
Kristi said…
Wow, that room is definitely feelin' the love! I heart it, too!! Great idea with the white christmas tree.
lexylou said…
Wow! words can't describe how much I heart this room! It is just soooo lovely!

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