Thursday, January 15, 2009

Muffin breakfast

I baked blueberry muffins today for breakfast! YUM! It made breakfast a real treat this morning because I almost never cook breakfast on weekdays any more. Mostly because lately a certain someone is away working hard being on the front page of Tuesdays paper! When my hubby isn't here for breakfast I usually opt for cold cereal (something he greatly dislikes). But today I really wanted blueberry muffins! The bonus was Trent left late today and was able to have some!
Who doesn't love warm steamy muffins! And wrapped in LOVE'ly cupcake papers!

1 comment:

child family blog said...

Wow, that mural sounds intense. I just finished a mural in our basement and that was hard enough for me kudos to Trent! That's an awesome job to get!

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