garland of hearts

I just made this new garland out of what I had on hand and I love it! I bought the red pigment ink at the dollar store so i guess that wasn't on hand. That old book paper is really a staple at my house now! Take a look at what else I made with it.

These are the valentines that I made for my son's nursery teachers. I love the layers and the way they open at the corner. I also adore the winged envelopes they go in. Hope you have a happy v-day, we're off to a neighbors valentine exchange party!


Danielle Combs said…
Those are all so lovely. I kind of fizzed out here...I gave one Valentine to a friend...and it was a store-bought one. Just not feeling it for some reason.
Daphne said…
How sweet. I only gave one valentine this year, to my husband. I was too tired to do anything more..

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