touch ups

I saw the sun shining the other day and tried to take advantage of the reflective light off of the snow... well I guess I did something wrong because the photos turned out all gray and colorless. I really wanted the photos to be intense and bright and I was greatly disappointed. You see the LCD screen on my camera is busted and I can't see how the images are turning out till they're already downloaded. So I decided to play around with them on Photoshop and see what I could do to rescue them. Here is the result.

WOW! I would have never thought I could turn as dingy a picture as this into something so good. I try not to rely too heavily on Photoshop in my photography but I have to say it has it's moments! Actually i love playing around on photoshop but none of them have turned out nearly as good as this! what fun! I am super obsessed with photography right now. Over the last month I have created and filled a file completely devoted to lovely photographers that I have found after browsing the web. Every time I look at their work it makes me hungry to get back behind the camera again and again! I may have to post my favorite work from some really inspiring photographers that I have discovered!!

P.S. I am so obsessed that I even started a photography blog to document my photos! Check it out!


mer said…
so you must share what tools you used in photoshop to achieve this look.

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