Chocolaty Easter nests

One of the other things Valerie and I made were these yummy chocolaty Easter nests. SUPER easy to make! Start by coating chow mein noodles with melted milk chocolate. You scoop a little bit out onto wax paper, add candy eggs & there you go!


Anonymous said…
These are adorable!! I hope you had a wonderful Easter!
Oh i love your blog and your photos very talents. I am just craving an SLR sooo bad. Sometimes I am glad I don't have one because I fear I wouldn't get my painting done HAHA. Again great blog I love it.

And I also love birds nexts. that is what we call the cookies with the little robbin eggs in them. YUMMY great now you have me craving chocolate. Alas none in the house.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog I am going to follow you!

Hi Lorajean! I really enjoyed viewing your wonderful blog! Love your yummy photos and your creativity just *S*H*I*N*E*S*!

Thanks for coming to visit!

Lisa :)
mer said…
so unfairly tempting! I want to grab it and take a bite.
Abigail said…
Ooooh, they look delicious!

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