Home made marshmallow Peeps

My good friend Valerie came over to make Easter treats with me the other day. One of the many things we made were home made marshmallow Peeps.
They didn't turn out looking at all like Peeps though. In fact we couldn't stop giggling because they looked more like marshmallow poops.

Peeps or poops you decide! He he he.
While we cooked we listened to our current favorite music...
...And while the mixer was beating the marshmallow for 12 min. (yeah I know 12 min.!!) Of course we spent that time taking pictures! Valerie blogged about it too, right here and here. Obviously the photo below is one she took of me, the one after that is the one I took of her.

What a FUN day! We'll have to do it again sometime. I'll post photos of our other goodies at a later date. Have a very Happy Easter


Laura B said…
Hi Lorajean,
It is lovely to see what you have been up to and those marshmallow creations look fun!!
Annie Carie said…
how awesome that you made peeps!!

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