DIY ruffle shirt tutorial

diy ruffle shirt

Remember the cute shirt I made my daughter a while ago? Here is the step by step tutorial!

The supplies you need for this project are: a sewing machine, scissors, and two matching t-shirts.

First, cut neck and sleeves as in the above photo

Sew a loose, straight stitch on the top half of sleeves (the part that will be seen when the wearer's arms are down), about 1/2 inch from the recently-cut edge of both sleeves.

pull thread from both ends to gather sleeve

Sew gathers in place (by sewing over the entire length of the previous stitch with a nice, tight straight sure to back-stitch the ends so it doesn't unravel).

Cut a long strip from the middle of the second t-shirt

Sew a loose, straight stitch down middle of the strip

Pull thread to gather and ruffle

Pin the ruffle to the front of the shirt in a random pattern. Sew along the middle of ruffle to attach it to the shirt.

Create small pleats along one side of the neck line and pin, then sew pleats in place.

Voila! Here is the finished ruffle shirt!


Darling shirt. You did a great job!
Sew a Fine Seam said…
Hi. Just wanted to let you know that I love this shirt idea! I was inspired to do some for my girls. I wanted them to be orange so I dyed them with RIT dye first. I am in the process of uploading the pictures of my process to my blog. I'm showing on my blog how I did it and linking you to your blog to tell my readers where the idea came from. Jut thought you might want to know!
Keep the posts coming you are very inspiring!
Lorajean said…
Jill, I love the ruffle shirts you made! What a great idea to do them in orange!
Mad About Pink said…
What a nice blog. I'm definitely following it now. If you have a pink tutorial I'd be very happy if you let me know so I can feature it on mine.
have a good day

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