a knitted jumper dress

knit dressknit dress close up
Just sharing the dress I knitted for my daughter a few months ago.


D-lyn said…
Is it a jumper style?
I love the mocha and pink colors!
Melissa said…
It's for reasons like this that I have just learned to knit! That dress is too dang cute!!!
Adrienne said…
That is BEAUTIFUL. She looks like a princess! I want to make one :)
Lorajean said…
Thank you! I never use knitting patterns because I am too lazy to count and keep track of my stitches. :) Making this jumper was a long learning experience for me. You know how in England they say jumper instead of sweater? Well this could be called a jumper jumper. ha ha!
that is my next thing to learn. your dress is too cute!

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