Lace and pearls collar necklace

lace collar
Last week I decided I needed to try making something I made this lace and pearls collar necklace. I hand sewed the pearls and beads on, added a rosette, and then crocheted the edge. The clasp is made using a bead as a button and the button hole is chain stitch looped around and reattached to the necklace. I Tried taking a photo of the necklace on me...
lace collar proved to be pretty difficult.
lace collar
I did finally get a usable image. :)


Micki Wilde said…
Gosh that is super pretty!!

Micki x
Joyce said…
Beautiful! What a creative idea!
Mary L said…
I came across the s'mores on Pinterest and had to check it out. I love this necklace. It's too bad I can't crochet. I'd love to make some for my nieces (at least I think they'd like them). I'm going to try and think of another way to do the closure. I'm thinking using cording and sewing it on might work. Thanks for the inspiration.
Unknown said…
LOL I love the out of focus shots. I am a fine art photographer and people pay me good money for oof, dreamy sun flared images like the first too. Although, I get why they wouldn't be ideal for a blog like yours. ;)

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