My Alice in Wonderland tea party

Ever since Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland came out this spring I have been so inspired by all things Alice. At first I thought I would throw my daughter an Alice party but she was set on having a Harry Potter birthday (I'll blog about that soon, it turned out great!) So, I decided to give myself a party. My birthday was about a week ago & I am now 28.
party table
I made the doily garland by simply folding oval doilies in half and hanging them on crochet thread I had strung up. The doilies are from the dollar store.
party table
I went to many thrift stores and antique stores searching for the right "Drink Me" bottle and I finally found the perfect one at an antique store while on vacation in Loveland, Colorado. I bought tags on Etsy from Caramelos artful supplies and hand wrote "drink me" and "eat me" on them with a brown colored pencil.
party table
Check out this amazing glass box that I found at the same antique store in CO. Inside is a fake chocolate petite fours(Is that how you spell it?) made from salt dough. Later my girlfriend made me a super yummy Chocolate cake with Oreos crumbled all over it! Thanks Emily!
party table
The place settings are super simple but they turned out looking so cute. The plates are pink paper plates by Martha Stewart. I found them in packs of 8 at the dollar store a year and a half ago so I stocked up. Then I put tea cups on each plate with tags that said "eat me".
In the middle of the table are book pages, old door hardware with key holes, an old tea set, and antique keys to keep the Alice in Wonderland theme going.
party table
Hope you enjoyed my little tea party and I wish you a very merry un-birthday! :)


Diane Duda said…
everywhere i look to day i'm seeing the shade of pink that's on these paper plates. LOVE!
You are fabulous!! I absolutly love every post, and your perfect.
You are such a talented artist and I love your style.
Thanks for checking out the
Unknown said…
That looks like it was so much fun! I wish I could have been there to join in the fun!! Hope you had a great birthday, despite your scatterbrained best friend forgetting to call. :( Love you!
You Are My Fave said…
This setup is so, so cute. I especially love the plates. You must have an awesome dollar store.
Anonymous said…
Such a pretty party and lovely details. I featured it today in my real party segment, thanks for sharing!
Lorajean said…
Just wanted to day a big thanks to HowtoHostess for sharing this party on her blog!
s. said…
ADORABLE party idea! great photos!
Amy said…
How fun! I want to have one now!
Delia said…
You really have great style. What a fantastically decorated party!
Lorajean said…
Thanks! It was really fun to put together! I am in the planing process of a Halloween party, hope it turns out just as good.

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