Gift: "Harry Potter" doll and accessories

About a week before Christmas I finally got the light bulb over my head for the PERFECT gift for my daughter. A Harry Potter doll!  Not Harry himself but a girl who goes to Hogwarts and has little accessories. I love doll accessories, something about how tiny they are is just so irresistible. In fact I think I love the accessories more than dolls....maybe.

One of my favorite things I made is the feather quill pen. I took a chicken feather and cut it down to the size for a doll. So cute! I had my husband help me carve a twig into a wand and I used a bead for the sorcerers stone. Later, after Christmas, it was my daughters idea to cut out little HP fan posters for the doll from a magazine. The backpack and text books are a Christmas gift from my sister when we were younger. (Pictured with the doll, later in this post, is a broom I made from a stick and straw.)
 As a girl I loved looking through the America Girl doll catalogs, loving all the accessories they had.  I never did like the American Girl dolls themselves though, I don't really like their face sculpt to be specific. I looked all over on line and found some other lovely dolls but was worried they wouldn't ship in time for Christmas. Then I realized that up in the attic packed away were my Magic Attic dolls from when I was younger.
It was meant to be. I immediately went upstairs, got the doll that looked most like my daughter and went to work.

She turned out so perfect! I knitted the Gryffindor scarf, sewed the robes out of felt, and made her plaid skirt. (Her socks, shoes and shirt were doll clothes I already had.)  I sewed and sewed while watching an old season of Project Runway. Since I had a Christmas Eve deadline it kind of  felt like I was on the show too. I wonder what Tim Gunn would say? I ended up losing a knitting needle in the middle of working on the scarf and I guess Tim would have said "make it work" so I did and used a needle that was one size too small to finish the the rest of the scarf. :)

A tiny little felt shield adorns the lapel of the robe with an embroidered H for Hogwarts. (Any true HP fan will notice her costume is not exactly movie accurate but I was on a time limit and used no references. Plus my daughter has not yet pointed anything out that is incorrect and that is pretty awesome since she is always happy to correct me when it comes to HP. ) 
This gift was so rewarding to make, and it was so fun to watch it be received with joy and love.  She is fascinated and I am so excited to play dolls along with her. Hope you too had a great time creating the perfect gift this Christmas :)


calicodaisy said…
Fantastic idea and great job! I'm sure that gift will long be remembered.
Unknown said…
Love it! What a great idea! I crocheted doll clothes for my little girls, this year, but I love the themed costuming you did!
Unknown said…
Brilliant idea and beautifully executed! Does she have a name? :) I'll bet she picked something right out of the books! Love it -- wish I could have played a little bit with you guys!
Lorajean said…
Thanks everyone! :) Sometimes she is named Luna and other times it's Hermione. Miss you Liberty and we totally would have played dolls with you. :)
Ada @ New York said…
What a beautiful gift!!! ... beautiful bec. it was made from the heart, and so creative, and so detailed! I love the Hogwarts 'H' patch! Love it! thanks for ur HP girl creation venture :) .. very magical of you!
Holly Hox said…
Love it! You are so awesome--will you be my mom too?!
dana said…
oh wow! you're amazing! I love what you did. It's so classy and charming. Very cute. Thanks for sharing with me!
- dana
Annie Carie said…
You are SO awesome to think of this! There is no end to the wonder you have creatred here!
Sherri said…
Jaye sent me over, after sharing a picture of one of your quilts. What a clever way to do a doll! I would never have thought to make a doll into a character from a movie or book. Which is silly when you think about it! Dolls are all about make-believe play!

Anyway, great idea, great outcome!
Flora said…
I have all but the Hope magic attic dolls and absolutely love the face sculpts over the American girl dolls too, actually the whole doll is far
superior. I too loved to make doll clothes for them, but both my sweet grandies now have ownership and it's a good thing.

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