vintage crochet and knitting patterns

 A while back I bought some vintage craft books and have been swooning over all the knitting and crochet projects.  I love that even though these are dated they are still in style.

The yellow little boy sweater is my most favorite. I love that anchor! I love the boots too! :)  And don't you adore the little boy in blue with the gingham shirt collar? I love gingham right now!

Isn't this top so pretty? I love the lacy look and the belt too! This is a complicated pattern and I am not to this level but I still wanted to share it with you.

This red jacket is something I want to make for my husband. He would love this.  If i am secretive enough I can make it for him for Christmas. :)

I love this scarf it is so full and soft looking.  It's all garter stitch too, super easy!

Hope you enjoyed looking into the past for inspiration with me. :)


mer said…
so Trent doesn't look at your blog? so you can hide Christmas gifts from him on it? love these btw.
Lorajean said…
He only reads the ones I make him read!
Anneliese said…
That anchor sweater is totally adorable! Will you divulge the name of the book? Maybe I could find it in my library... awshapiro[at]yahoo[dot][com] also at Thanks!

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