Tutorial: pocket valentines

I was at Michaels with my sister a few weeks ago.
(Something I don't usually get to do so that was awesome! :) :) Thanks for coming to Logan to play with me Annie Carie!)
While we were there we found some cute scrapbook paper that looked like stamps.
You can't beat 25 cents so I figured I could cut each one out and make them into valentines. They ended up being pretty small so I revisited a past project and made pocket valentines again! 
The idea is to make the tiny valentine be bigger, and cuter, by sewing a heart pocket to a piece of card-stock for the tiny card to fit into.
  1. First I cut the paper into smaller pieces with postage stamp scissors.
  2. Then I used spray adhesive to attach book paper to the card-stock for a vintage look ( If you want simplicity you don't have to do this part.)
  3. Then I cut the card-stock into 4x5 in pieces. (I didn't actually measure so I'm not sure the exact size.)
  4. After that I cut out a bunch of hearts from pink paper. (Regular weight, not card-stock.)
  5. Then I laid the heart onto the card-stock piece, sandwiched the tiny valentine in-between the two (but peeking out a bit), and sewed a straight stitch around the valentine to make the pocket the right size. (Another way to do this is to trace the outline of the tiny valentine onto the heart, and follow the lines on with your sewing machine. Erase all pencil marks when you're finished.)
 You're done! Aren't they adorable?!! Kids will want to take it out of the pocket and put it back in over and over! Enjoy!

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Heidi said…
I just love this idea! Thanks!
mer said…
so cute LJ, as always! I want to go Michaels with you and AnnieCarie!

Delia said…
Very cute idea! Nice paper find.
Joyce said…
You are right, kids will love these! So will adults. So CUte!

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