vintage school books

I have a collection of vintage school books that my daughter uses to practice reading.  The illustrations in some are so incredible.  I thought I would share a few. :)

 Thanks for stopping by! :) Come back soon because I have some ruffles up my sleeve for See Kate Sew's Ruffle event!


Juliette said…
I grew up with my mother and grandmother's old books and loved loved loved the old illustration styles, even as a child! =) The last photo you posted shows my most favorite style of illustration. I really wish I knew more about 'illustration styles' if there is such a thing -there must be, right?

lindalou said…
Love the books. They are timeless and capture the fun and beauty of learning. Nice collection.

Just found your blog through Oopsey Daisy. Glad I did. Love what I've seen so far.
Joy said…
I found your site while looking for vintage school book blogs. I put a link on my school book post to this posting. Nice photos. Thanks.
- Joy
Belinda said…
I learned to read from Dick and Jane and now my boys are too. I have several stack of books like yours.

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