Easter In Colorado

Since it was mothers day yesterday I thought it was fitting to showcase my mothers lovely Easter dinner party. 
 As you may already know a few weeks ago we hopped in the car for a road trip to see our families in C0olorado. On Easter Sunday my mom created four incredible table spreads as well as cooking a delicious meal of ziti pasta.She decorated each place setting with personalized chocolate dipped home made marshmallow eggs! These were the mos wonderful marshmallow I have ever tasted! Much of my family was there and It was a night filled with games and laughter.
 The room above is the sun room and it is so bright a cherry! In the center of the table is a beautiful little house. You can't tell from the pictures but it was made to be a bird house! The rest of the table covered with grass and colorful eggs. I think I am in love with those scalloped blue plates!
Above is the living room It was so romantic and pretty. My mom decorated this table with pink grass, budding spring branches, and giant paper mache chocolate bunnies that looked read enough to eat! We left the pom poms up from the boxed lunch picnic shower, since they were so pretty. This is the room where Trent and I ate, we loved it! :)

Easter baskets for all the grandchildren were filled with delicious home made confections such as: chocolate dipped marshmallow eggs, jello popcorn, pretty paper carrots filled with m&m's, and chocolate dipped peanut butter eggs! My sister D-llyn made the paper carrots and the peanut butter eggs. :) Thanks D-llyn those peanut butter eggs were THE BEST! I ate more than I am willing to tell  :)
The kid table was awesome (pictured above at the bottom right) It had a lovely spread of beautifully colored hard boiled eggs that the kids happily devoured while waiting for the main course.

In the dinning room the table was decorated with a beautiful garden of ivy. A ceramic cookie jar sat amidst a lush spread of live ivy. Beautiful! Later the teensy terracotta pots were filled with live flowers. (I took the photo too soon). Along with the personalized chocolate eggs each guest got a goody bag full of yummy treats!

Thanks you mom it turned out so awesome!

I love you mommy!
  • Thank you for being my best friend!
  • Thank you for giving me 8 more best friends! (my siblings!)
  • Thank you for teaching me how to throw a real party!
  • Thank you for teaching me whats right.
  • Thank you for spending weeks meticulously sewing my prom dresses and wedding dress!
  • Thank you for making my wedding reception be PERFECT! (and it was).
  • Thank you for being a good example.
  • Thank you for teaching me what is means to be a good mom!
  • Thank you for teaching me to pray always!
  • Thank you for teaching me to LOVE the scriptures!
  • Thank you for shouting "I love my family" at the top of your lungs all the time growing up.
  • Thank you for holding my had at church a few weeks ago!
  • Thank you for being you
(Honestly, this list could go on forever!)
I love love love love you momXOXOXO

I hope you all had a great Mothers Day yesterday! 
Thanks for stopping by.


Annie Carie said…
OH, send me that beutiful picture of MOM!!!!!!!

Great pictures Lorajean, and your post is awesome!
Anonymous said…
Oh, this is just wonderful! What a treat! Your Mom did an AWESOME job!
D-lyn said…
Wow that is like the best picture of mom. I need copies of all the pictures here!
She's always ducking out of my pictures so I don't have any of her!

Yay Mom we love you!
Delia said…
I can see where you get your talent. Your mom is AMAZING! I love those paper carrots. So using that next year!
Danelle said…
I'm not sure how I came across your blog, but your mom is in my ward! Isn't that crazy? And I never knew she had all those amazing talents. Which she obviously passed on to you!
Denise said…
Not sure my comment made it through the word test.
I wrote:

Is it possible for you to share some plans or instructions for the canons? I know my grandson would love a party with those.

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