Into the halloween spirit!

I have to tell you all the secret I have been keeping... I'm pregnant!! I am about three months along now and we're so happy! This is one of the reasons I have not been blogging much. I just feel so blah! (The other reason being that I am now homeschooling two kids instead of one and it takes most of my time up.) I have to say that Halloween has me crafting again though!! Trent and I just finished painting the two vintage inspired pumpkin treat buckets last night!  We really love how they turned out!! September is totally a Halloween month for us! Wanna see our Halloweens past? Take a look here, here, and here!


mer said…
so fun LJ! I definitely want to come up to see you. Next weekend perhaps? or do you want to wait until mom gets here?
D-lyn said…
Cute I love the vintage halloweenie stuff!
Congrats on the Baby news!
Delia said…
I have been wondering about you! Congratulations! Seems we've been keeping the same secret. :)

I still have that Chinese coin purse if Lizzy wants it. She might not be into that phase anymore? Just let me know.

And beautiful Halloween decor as always. You guys do everything so whimsical and beautiful!
The Miz said…
Yay for babies! Yay for homeschooling! Yay for blogging!

Rebecca Aycock
Elise said…
Congratulations! That's exciting :) And I like the Halloween decorations!
Holly Hox said…
Congratulations! That is super exciting!

I remember your halloween posts (and halloween challenge) from last year, it's what got me hooked on your blog! Good luck with everything :)
D-lyn said…
Okay we need a tutorial about the pumkin buckets!

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