making costumes

 I have been having more fun making costumes this year than any other year for sure! My oldest son is being a knight and my daughter is being a flower fairy.  When my son said he wanted to be a knight I knew right a way that I wanted crochet some chain-mail armor. The pattern I made is simple and if I don't procrastinate I'll post the pattern here on my blog before Halloween. When my daughter said she wanted to be a fairy I was super excited! I LOVE fairies! She showed me this fairy from our fairy book illustrated by Cicely Mary Barker and I was smitten! I changed the leaf hat to a flower wreath / crown because I knew it would be fun to make it out of glittered felt flowers. I used my flower tutorial as well as some other tutorials like this one, and this one, and i made up some new little ones for more variety.
There is so much more to the two costumes than the head pieces but I'll share it all after I'm finished with everything.


Delia said…
OOoh love both of them. You are a crochet pattern making genius! The crochet look totally lends to the chain mail texture. And I love that it's warm!

Got to love the floral crown too. Nice job Lorajean. :)
Jessica said…
that chain mail is awesome! can't wait to see everything

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