We need a little Christmas

We put our Christmas trees up this weekend! :) (Yes you read that right.) We are strong believers in making Christmas last as long as possible!  Why not make the spirit of joy and giving last longer than one month a year. :) We all need a little Christmas sometimes.


Anonymous said…
Not only did you put up your trees early, but you have TWO of them! That's awesome!!!! I wish I could convince my boyfriend to let me do that! (He's German and until he met me, never put up the tree before December 23 at the earliest! Last year I convinced him to put it up at the end of November, as per my family's tradition. He ended up liking it anyway.)

Two Christmas trees - that's fun! Love the two different themes. I think I may get a mini tree and do colorful ornaments, while our bigger tree will be more traditional.

Merry early Christmas!
Ms. Megan said…
Beautiful!!! I love all the pretty colors!!!
Happy (early!) Christmas!!
I officially LOVE you. We got out Christmas this weekend too! I'm happy to find another early bird! Let the tinseling begin!!!!
If the stores can do it, so can we!

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