Saturday, February 25, 2012

last second preparations

With my appointment to turn the baby and a very probable induction coming this Thursday, I have been keeping busy trying to get things in order. Its isn't often that you know the real due date a week ahead of time so I am trying to take advantage of it. One of the things on my to do list was to get the baby's quilt made. This is the fastest quilt I have ever made so far. I finished it in two days! I would've liked the top stitching to be a little straighter but I am not a perfect quilter. But I believe when something is made for you by someone you love it is treasured even with all it's flaws. I love that all the patchwork fabric is from the thrift store, most of it vintage, because that makes it a little unique. The color scheme evolved by itself after I saw the fabrics in my craft room unintentionally stacked together. It was super fast to make because of the simple square patchwork pattern. I wanted it to be a soft blanket so I chose this super furry plush stuff for the backing. (I got it on sale at Jo-Anne's.) It is sure to be her favorite blanket since all of us think it is fantastically soft and cozy. Seriously we cant stop rubbing it!


Cheryl said...

beautiful baby quilt. Love all the thrifted fabric you used and the quilting is my favorite. It's simple, but lovely....and can I just say that the plush makes that look like the creamiest, cosiest quilt.

Daniel and Elise said...

This is so pretty! I want one too ;) Good luck with the delivery, I hope it all goes well!
I also enjoyed your anniversary post, it was sweet!

Delia said...

Oh I think it's lovely Lorajean. Best wishes for this Thursday!

Annie Carie said...

I LOVE this quilt and the colors are perfect. I love putting soft snugly fabric on the back.

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