recovering stools

 Lately I have been bored of our decorating in the living room and dining room and I have been thinking of ways to add a bit of fun to those spaces. Somehow our collection of antiques has grown so much that our home really needs to be balanced out with something colorful and fun to keep the space fresh and young.  We really love old timeless things that have a history or connection to the past, but we are young and fun loving and our home didn't reflect that side of us. We needed an element that says "we don't take ourselves too seriously". So in an effort to bring whimsey to our dining room I recovered our bar stools. They were dirty and boring, & needed a face lift bad!

I recovered them with vintage fabric I had purchased a year ago at a local thrift store. I love how they look in the space! They really added that missing element of fun. And I love that they look a little like toad stools.

 Here is what they looked like before  :(


kate said…
so cute.....You are so clever!!!!

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