Wednesday, March 28, 2012

new wardrobe

It's getting warmer around here and that means it's time for light and airy spring time clothes. I have pinned a lot of really pretty kids clothes ideas lately, (see them here) and really wanted to make new clothes for lizzy since she is out growing a lot of her clothes. I sewed a super simple but really pretty floral top for Lizzy the other day. I got the fabric for a $1.50 a yard at Walmart. :) I have had some time to sew lately because the kids have been sick these past few days, and homeschooling is on hold while they cuddle on the couch watching movies. Lizzy got hit the hardest with a fever, bad sore throat and a cough. She slept on the couch for practically a week and finally perked up yesterday afternoon. So just us 3 girls went shopping for sandals, it was nice to spend "alone" time with Lizzy and have a little get away. It's so funny that going shopping with only two kids is a relaxing treat now that I have four. I feel a little frazzled at times but I really love having four kids. We already feel like Evangeline has always been with us. We forget that almost four weeks ago she was still inside me and we hadn't met her yet.

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