suprise baby shower

 Last week my mom and two of my sisters came to visit me and see the baby. While I was out for lunch with my mom, my sisters set up a lovely surprise shower for me. It was so nice of them! I wasn't expecting them to do anything since it is my fourth baby, so it really meant a lot to me that they did it anyway. I even got all choked up when I turned the corner and they yelled surprise! My living room was transformed into a party room! Everything was neon and craft paper. I love the combo of neutrals with neon and they picked up on it. I was surprised to find out that they purchased a lot of the party stuff at the dollar store. So if you want a neon party for cheap you know where to go! After I opened the wonderful gifts of handmade baby clothes, a handmade quilt and cute matching outfits for my two girls, my sister pulled out a huge box full of hand me downs from her four girls!
 I just want to say thanks to my mom and sisters for the super awesome baby shower I really loved it.  I was so happy just having you all come visit so I feel super duper loved that you went the extra mile to did this for me. :) It was so fun having everyone over to play and I miss all of you! :)


D-lyn said…
Yay!!! I am so happy you were surprised!!! It turned out so well. I am so glad you liked your gifts too.

I always love visiting and playing with my sisters!

Love you
Delia said…
I am loving that neon with neutrals. Very pretty. What a sweet mom and sisters you have!

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