Fashion Friday: New Love

I don't claim to know a whole lot about fashion, in fact I am pretty naive about it. One thing I DO know is that I'd like to know much more about it than I do now. A few days ago I followed a link on Mer Mag out of curiosity, thinking it wouldn't really be my cup of tea, but ended up saving files and files of images I just loved! It really surprised me how many looks I adored.

Milly By Michelle Smith

I had become a little bored with my wardrobe and have now found a new hobby of looking at runway fashion shows for inspiration on how to mix up my existing wardrobe to be more interesting. It has been really fun and rewarding. Since I have so many beautiful styles saved up I will be posting more fashion love in the future. Enjoy your Friday every one! ;)

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Annie Carie said…
ooh you could call it fasion friday or... something yeah... OK so whatever you want. :)
Lorajean said…
I thought of that too. And I think it would be fun.

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