Lovely fashion inspiration

I am just in love with these clothes by iro-iro. I came across their site via a lovely blog called red aprons & lunch boxes. The details and colors are so lovely I just had to post about them. I can't read a darn thing on the entire site but the images were mesmerizing. Hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I did.

P.S. My printer broke so I edited and made changes to the big give-away so peek back to see whats up. And if you haven't entered yet you still have a week. :)


kristi said…
these clothes are exquisite. apparently i have not been in the loop or in the right circles to realize how so many people are drawing inspiration from these japanese (right?) books. but i have seen them on several artsy cool blogs. you are right--so inspiring. thanks so much for sharing them, and i'm so glad to have found your blog!
mer said…
cute! where did you find this company?
Lorajean said…
I came across their site via a lovely blog called red aprons & lunch boxes.
I'm not sure if they are Japanese or not but I love the look.
Lorajean said…
I believe it's Korean. correct me if I'm wrong. :)
Anonymous said…
Those clothes are soo pretty! Thank you for sharing such pretty inspiration! :) You have beautiful taste!
The coats are beautiful, especially the ice blue one. And dont worry about changing your giveaway~it's still great! I'm lagging with my dolls so mine will be at least another two weeks or three..Have a wonderful Weds:)
D-lyn said…
Love the styles and i love the new personal illustration (in place of the photo). I like the photo too... But the illustration is so much fun to look at!!!
I love you art things!

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