Dress obsessed

I am currently obsessed with dresses right now. So when I found this article in the latest Lucky Magazine I couldn't help swooning and scanning. I totally adore the belted sweater look! And just look at those shoes! But I have been having a hard time finding good dresses, so any feedback regarding any steals and deals on pretty dresses I'd love to know. I've been disappointed in the selection at Ross lately. Cheers!


D-lyn said…
I am with you on the dress thing! no dresses are really out there!!!
I suggest finding a simple pattern that you can make with lots of different fabrics (check out major clearance at JoAnns fabrics) and then you can start finding sweaters to go along with them.
My favorite dress right now is a peasant style with the gathered neck and it just falls strait down to my knees. Then with a belt or sweater you can give it a different look.
Anonymous said…
I like the shoes on the bottom right. I love dresses but in reality I'm a black tee and blue jeans person (with paint spatter) for practical reasons. The latest Anthropologie has me feeling the same way. An I'm usually on ebay searching for something I want. That'd be my recommendation. Find something you really want then look on ebay:)
Penny said…
oh yay!!! for some reason when I linked to your blog it took me to a post in Feb. and it looked like your only post. I am so excited there is more! I cannot wait to have a look around!

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