Paper flag banner

Today I am staying home from church with a sick boy, above is the result. I made this paper flag banner out of scrap book paper I already had purchased from the dollar store and thrift store. I love how it turned out! All I did was sew triangles together on the sewing machine and then tack it up. I had a dream last night that I was making birthday kits to sell on Etsy. They included: a paper flag banner, handmade party hats (like in this post), balloons, paper bag decorations, and toothpick cupcake toppers. Should I do it? Would they sell? Please give me feed back!


Jill Elaine said…
Birthday kits like that would be sooo cool! Something that looks like you spent time on it instead of buying it at Wal-Mart:-)
Go for it!
(I loved those party hats!)
Beth said…
Yes, please! It's a fabulous idea!!
You KNOW that if I had kids I'd buy a package from you for their parties! Come to think of it, maybe I'll buy one for my own birthday...! :)
Annie Carie said…
First of all that is adorable!! How cute is that paper especially in your kids room!

Selling it in a kit is an awesome idea! But I'm not sure how well it would sell, that's a tough one... Martha Stewart can do it because her name is on it, but even I don't buy some of her crafty kits at walmart because I say to myself, "I could make that for cheeper". I bet if you made it "look" like it was to hard to make and adorably irisistable than it would work. Good Luck! Honestly I would LOVE for it to be a best seller in your Etsy store. (you know how much I LOVE pary stuff!)
D-lyn said…
Hey try it you can't loose!
i know people who would rather buy someone's crafty creations rather than try to make their own!
How cute yours looks too!
D-lyn said…
Juju says I wan dat in mine bedroom!
Studly Studmans said…
I loved how cute this was. If you could find a way to make the flags more durable, I think you'd have something worth selling!
How Fun! And I love your photography. What kind of camera do you use?
zoe said…
I think it's perfect, i say go for it!
Giovanna said…
Hi Lorajean! Beautiful post!! I always check your blog and I love it! I also wanted to tell you that I'm closing my blog "Warmi" which you follow. This is because I have another blog and no much time to write in both. I hope you join my other blog:
Thank you!
Studly Studmans said…
I'm tagging you, again. I love your stories.

Post already, you sweet girl. I've missed hearing from you on here!

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