Thursday, January 14, 2010

sugar cookies

We're cooking up a storm over here in the Gudmundsen kitchen. Can you spy what's different about our treats?

Surprise! They are all inedible! What a great way to let out my need to bake pretty things and still stay healthy! They also make great play food!


mer said...

so fun. i want your inedible recipe and techniques!

glad to have you back li'l sis!

Storybook Woods said...

So pretty and yummy looking. Good job, Clarice

D-lyn said...

How simply darling!
I love how real they look!
Sorta like a shop window.

What if your kids still try to nibble?
Are they salt dough so they are yucky tasting?
I know my kids would try eating them.

Lorajean said...

They are hard as a rock so if they try to eat them the cookies are fine, its the kids teeth I'd better worry about.

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